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Cetera Investment Management

Investment Research Team

Proactive. Responsive. Consistent.

Exclusive investment research is available to you through Cetera Investment Management. Cetera Investment Management provides us with tools, resources, and insights to help you pursue your goals and carefully manage risk.

Through Cetera Investment Management, we have access to outstanding resources to deliver sound investment advice and insights to you. These include thought leadership on the latest detailed market information, investment perspectives, asset allocation strategies, along with client-centric investment ideas and recommendations.

Unbiased Thought Leadership

Cetera Investment Management is dedicated to producing unbiased research. We benefit from this high level of independent research to help identify the best means for you to reach your financial goals. Cetera Investment Management gives us the power to access a large-scale, regimented body of research, including:

  • In-depth market perspectives
  • Timely economic insights
  • Asset allocation recommendations
  • Manager guidance
  • Model portfolios

Here’s how the cornerstones of Cetera’s investment research philosophy help you:

Proactive: Cetera provides us with research that uses forward-looking macroeconomic assessment of the market climate. This allows us to determine which areas of the market may hold the greatest opportunity.  Cetera’s investment research team covers multiple areas of expertise to ensure that we have access to a broad range of research to fit your individual needs.

Responsive: Cetera Investment Management’s team of experts function as a partner to help financial professionals understand the complexities of the market by supporting them with a structured process focused on their clients’ long-term goals. In addition to numerous publications for advisors and monthly conference calls, the Cetera Investment Management team is available for one-on-one conference calls with all advisors.

Consistent: Cetera Investment Management uses a disciplined, regimented process to support clear long-term goals for your advisor and you. By evaluating a broad range of market indicators, including economic growth projections, market liquidity, volatility, political environment, secular growth cycles as well as potential investment horizon, Cetera Investment Management is able to offer consistent portfolio advice for our advisors to use with you.